Healthy children
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Our healthy kids are your healthy kids and keeping children safe and out of harm’s way is the primary focus of Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate practical martial arts applications.  Listed here are some helpful tips for our karate kids:

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Be a fit kid:

  Kids exercise all the time without even thinking of it. Just being active - when you skip up the stairs, run around outside, swim in a pool or play jumprope at school - those are all kinds of exercise. What else counts as exercise? Playing sports, learning karate, doing push-ups, and even just reaching down to touch your toes.
When you exercise, you're helping to build a strong body that will feel healthy and be able to move around and do all the things you need it to do. Try to be active every day, and your body will thank you later!

Exercise Makes Your Heart Happy:

 You may know that your heart is a muscle. It works hard, pumping blood throughout your body every second, every day of your life. You can help this important muscle get stronger by doing proper exercises.
Karate is an aerobic activity that increases the amount of oxygen you take in. When you breathe, you take in oxygen, and, if you're doing karate exercises, you may notice that you're breathing faster than normal. Karate can get your heart pumping, make you sweat, and quicken your breathing. When you give your heart this kind of workout on a regular basis, your heart will get more powerful and even better at its main job — delivering oxygen (in the form of oxygen-carrying blood cells) to all parts of your body.
That’s why it’s good for you to do some karate or other aerobic exercises right now. Try swimming, basketball, ice or roller hockey, jogging (or walking quickly), inline skating, soccer, cross-country skiing, biking, rowing… and of course karate. And don't forget that skipping, jumping rope, and playing hopscotch are aerobic activities, too!

  Which is healthier?  Sitting still in a room playing video games all day or engaging in a physical activity that involves walking fast or running or jumping, or simply moving in a way that gets the heart pumping?  Everyone knows the answer to that question. The problem is, not everyone does the healthy thing.  Children should play outside the home with their friends instead of sitting at the computer for long periods of time. Sports activities, such as basketball, baseball, football, dancing - and, of course, karate! – will make the heart healthy, and a healthy heart means a healthy child. 

  Children (and adults) are what they eat. Kids should be encouraged to pass up fast foods and soda drinks and eat more fruits and vegetables for a leaner and fit body. And while they are choosing healthy activities and healthy food, they might also choose healthy friends.    Children usually mimic their friends’ behavior patterns, style of dress, eating habits and so on.  Choosing friends with a positive outlook and good habits can be inspiring.  

And who is better to help their children make these choices than parents - the greatest teachers of all time? Parents who teach their children by example give them a healthy perspective on how things should be and how things get done. Over time, the parents who encourage healthy habits and offer assistance for their children’s health needs will be rewarded, not only by their children’s gratitude, but with the bright future they have helped bring forth.

  Karate kids learn to be leaders within their peer groups while learning health consciousness. At Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate, kids are encouraged to grow in martial arts, succeed in school, and prosper in life. Parents enjoy observing from the lobby as their kids interact during class lectures, training drills, and fun games. Parents love the way their karate kids are becoming physically and mentally fit while they are learning the fundamentals of real life self-defense.
Helpful tips & recipes: