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Grandmaster Flaherty, a 10th degree black belt in Northern and Western Kenpo Karate with approximately 40 years’  experience – 20 years as a business owner -  has a staff of skilled teachers and a large network of students  learning the fine art of Kenpo under his tutelage. He is one of the most sought after Grandmasters and specializes in human speed development, with high levels of striking accuracy and power. With his hand-speed clocked at over 70 mpg and the tournament nickname “Bullet”, the Grandmaster is prepared to offer his unique brand of martial arts to all who would seek to benefit from it. 

Kenpo Karate is now available at two locations. Grandmaster Flaherty and his wife are currently serving the San Joaquin County area and Dave Cantrelle and his wife are offering services in the Bay Area. A former director of the High Tech Gaming Industry, Mr. Cantrelle is always eager to have new students join the Karate Network. 

KarateToday.net offers cutting edge news of real world martial arts for viewing and sharing purposes. We invite our outstanding students to submit their stories and pictures to us to be reviewed and considered for publication on the network. 

It is the goal of KarateToday.net to offer reliable information to the general public on the martial arts world around us, but we at Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate are never too busy to sit down with any student at any time to discuss his or her questions or concerns. Every person is important to us, and we pride ourselves on our personal involvement.
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What you should know?

  1. Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate (F.K.K.A.)

  1. Randall K. Flaherty (aka: “Bullet”)

  1. Martial Arts Teacher

  2. Kenpo Karate Grandmaster

  3. Self-defense Specialist

  4. Boxing & Kickboxing Manager

  5. Writer

  1. 40 + years: (in Martial Arts Studies)

  2. 17-years: (Martial Arts Business

  1. 8-years: Youth Outreach Karate

  1. Stockton Academy Business Owner

  1.   F.K.K.A Founder: Randall Flaherty

  1. Mrs. Mariana P. Flaherty

  1. Former Martial Arts Business Owners

  1. Stockton Academy Business Owners

  1. Office: 209-956-5535

  1. Prof. Dave Cantrelle

  1. Mrs. Becky Cantrelle

  1. San Jose Academy Business Owners

  1. Office: 408-729-3501

  1. “Building strength and character one student at a time.”

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  5. 5. Competitive Events

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  7. 7. Individual Success & Programs

  8. 8. Tracking Student’s Progress

  9. 9. Good Teaching Habits & Skills

  10. 10. Student Development

We offer classes in “Arnis.”
(Stick, Knife, and Dagger Training)
Since: 1999
Champion: Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (Right)
Student: Randy Flaherty (Left)
Location: The Jet Center, LA.
Year: 1988